The Alchemist

The Alchemist

Last weekend I treated Simon to a drink at The Alchemist, a thank you for dragging him around the shops really. It’s the second time we’ve both been there and we both absolutely love it.

As Simon currently works in the alcohol industry he’s pretty much obsessed with anything that has a percentage or volume. I would say apart from a Lego shop or a plush Michelin star restaurant this may well be one of his favourite places.

I, on the other hand love it for a completely different reason, not that I don’t like alcohol – a fruity berry cider would do me just fine. I love it from the décor side and just the cool ambience that it oozes. From the chesterfield sofas, to the bar itself…beautiful!

During our first trip Simon had a Lavender Daiquiri, which looked amazing. Another love of his is lavender, not so much the smell but the taste. So when I took him to Yorkshire Lavender where he could eat lavender ice cream he was ecstatic…but that’s another story.

On our second trip Simon tried the Flower Sour (with lavender foam), whilst rather than having a diet coke I opted for a Wow Woo. Which both looked and tasted amazing. For me however, the Wow Woo was a little too sweet so I couldn’t finish it, but what it did was amazing. When getting the bottle it just looked like an ordinary red/pinky coloured drink – when I moved my straw however, it shimmered gold. Amazing!!!

I would recommend this place again and again. We visited the one that’s in the Trinity shopping centre, but there are two in Manchester also.

Next time we go, I think food will be on the cards too – and I can’t wait.


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